Thursday, March 12, 2009

first post

And so it begins....I'd like to start by outlining what I want to emphasize and then explaining as time goes on.
I have a handful of things to emphasize...and I do me handful literally...five
1. Know what you believe.
2. Know why you believe what you believe
3. Live out what you believe, in all areas
4. Be creative...forget the box ....give yourself a swift kick occasionaly _(ever heard of A Wack on the Side of the Head?..good book)
5. Remember to do your homework...don't just take what is written/spoken at face value...check for the original sources (stimulus bill, for example, or official sites) to verify what you hear or read.

In the coming days I will outline what I mean by these things, but for now , just think about it.
Resonate with the music of the universe...and it's Maker.

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