Saturday, April 25, 2009

doing what you love

What do you love? What really turns you on or energizes you?
Some things we have to do, it's reality. And some things we do as a matter of habit, neither loving or hating them ,they just are a part of our everyday life. But then there are things that we really love and it makes a difference. Listen to someone talk about what they love and you can hear it in their voice and see it in their eyes.

I remember hearing Al Gore talk about the danger of global warming in his film "An Inconvenient Truth". Whether you agree with him or not there is no doubt in my mind about his commitment to it. You could hear it in his voice, see it in his mannerism. It was such a contrast to his presidential run. He is where he needs to be -doing what he loves.

For me I love to walk, love to garden , and love rain. Fortunately I live in the Pacific Northwest which is friendly to all three. I make time to walk - not just for exercise and mood enhancement (very true and valid)- but because I truly love to do it. I love growing things - especially when surprises happen - and I love rain, even a few times doing garden work out it in (I know, I'm strange, but that's okay:) )

So how about you? What do you love and are you making time for it? Even if it's only once in a while or for short bits, make sure that you spend some time doing things you really like. Even if no one else understands you need to do it for you. Life is too short to be always bogged down by the necessities. It should be lived. This I believe.

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Do you believe in healing?

No, not in the blind can see, deaf can hear,sick get well sense (though I do think that's still possible) Nor in the white coat with stethoscope or scalpel kind of healing. But the deeper emotional, mental, psychological and,yes, spiritual healing. The type that can be done by all of us if we just try to make each day a little better for those with whom we come in contact. We live in a world that is filled with broken hurting people and too often we end up just pointing fingers and finding someone to blame.

In politics we talk about issues like crime,homelessness, drug rehab, welfare, like they involve statistics only and not real people. We tend to think of "them", those who in our estimation have made "bad choices" and thus are consigned to forever suffer for them. We view ourselves as somehow above it all, and never consider that those people could or should ever be restored to normal society. We judge and yet forget that we are also prone to make "bad choices" - only ours don't end up in print or in court.

Reconciliation, restoration,rehabilitation, forgiveness, peace, healing.How much are they a part of your life? These words are core to Easter, yet sometimes far from those who celebrate it. The message of the cross reminds us that we are all in the same boat, in need of healing and forgiveness. At times like these we really do need to come together not divide.

And how can we do this, you may ask? Look for opportunities to make a difference in someone's life today. When you are with someone make sure your eyes are focused on them and your ears are tuned to what they are saying - and your heart as well , because often you need to get passed the words to the feelings that are being expressed. In short, treat them as you would want to be treated. And this includes those you are at odds with. It doesn't take a lot, just a willingness to act.

So I ask again, do you believe in healing?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Why resonance? Basically resonance in physics is two bodies vibrating at the same frequency which can also cause another body to vibrate at the same frequency as well. To keep it simple think about humming. You think of a tune and hum it, your heart is reflected or resonating in your voice, even without words - which may or may not come later. If you remember it well enough and hum or sing well enough you may cause others to hum or sing along, even if they do not know the tune or words.

Your action in communication in this way is not a matter of direction -force - but of influence - showing outward authenticity of your inner feelings. You will have trouble humming a tune you do not like or sing words you do not agree with or like. Your inner self is your beliefs, your humming/singing is your actions. The more authenitic your singing the clearer the tune, the more people can sing along.

This is what this blog is about. hear the tune, sing the words, join the song