Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Why resonance? Basically resonance in physics is two bodies vibrating at the same frequency which can also cause another body to vibrate at the same frequency as well. To keep it simple think about humming. You think of a tune and hum it, your heart is reflected or resonating in your voice, even without words - which may or may not come later. If you remember it well enough and hum or sing well enough you may cause others to hum or sing along, even if they do not know the tune or words.

Your action in communication in this way is not a matter of direction -force - but of influence - showing outward authenticity of your inner feelings. You will have trouble humming a tune you do not like or sing words you do not agree with or like. Your inner self is your beliefs, your humming/singing is your actions. The more authenitic your singing the clearer the tune, the more people can sing along.

This is what this blog is about. hear the tune, sing the words, join the song

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