Sunday, May 3, 2009


As I posted last time it is important to make time for what you love. One of the things I love, and haven't been making enough time for, is music. I love to sing, to play guitar and keyboard, and to write songs. It is an expression of my resonance - what I think in my head and feel in my heart coming out musically. When I was little I used to often annoy my sisters (all older) when I would awake early, happy, and vocal. I shared a room with one of them till I was 6, and they were not early birds (except one) , and they remember my early serenades to this very day :) Later I learned to play cello,flute,guitar, and piano, and sung/played in church and school band for several years.

After doing solos in church for a few years I started to write my own songs and perform them. The first time I met my wife I was performing one of my songs and accompanying myself on guitar for the first time at a singles retreat. I have continued to write over the years, but have not had as many opportunities to perform and so the music has languished.

It is time to make a change. Through the internet I have a way of "broadcasting" my songs and I am going to take the chance to do it here. I have 3 songs here on the sidebar, from my new Soundclick site . I will give you background on them in my posts.

The first one to come is "Expect the Unexpected"
Often times we anticipate things, with sometimes reward and sometimes disappointment. Then sometimes we dread bad things, and either are relieved or sad when it comes about. But I believe that God wants to surprise us with good things each day, and we often miss them because we are not looking for them. Instead of dreading or anticapating, try expecting something unexpected.

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