Saturday, June 13, 2009


Change, what does it mean to you and how do you react to it?

Some people relunctantly accept it They realize the truism "the only thing constant is change". They accept as they do the weather, something you have to get used to and adapt your life to deal with. They may not always like it but they aren't threatened by it.

Others are afraid of change. They see it as only bringing bad things, troubled times, quality of life and standards going downhill. They feel safe in the routines they have established and are looking to preserve their way of life. They don't want to risk what they have in the "they would say" false hopes of change. They are like an agoraphobic who won't go out of the house for fear tragedy will strike. I realized this fear exists recently as I pondered why many are so angry and adamant in resisting new ideas and trends. I realized it was not just a philosophical/religious/intellectual disagreement with what had been proposed. It was fear, fear of the unknown, fear of danger, assuming that change would only bring something worse that was existed.

I hold to the third option - welcoming change. I know that sometimes change can bring discomfort and there are the usual adjustments - I don't welcome it all the time. But in general I believe that change ,done well, can bring great gain. I believe in looking for pleasant , sometimes exhilirating surprises. I believe God intends to sprinkle joyful things throughout our lives, and often we miss them because we aren't looking for them.
I have related before that I am an irrepressible experimenter and explorer. I like to change things up, ...yes, sometimes just for the heck of it. I say you never know what kind of things you can come up with if you just mix it up - and I say 'try".

Being wise is important, and avoiding things that are clearly bad for you is only prudent, but living in fear is living in bondage. I choose hope over fear any day and I challenge you to do the same.

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