Sunday, October 4, 2009

how do you view life and faith?

Is life and faith a chore or a pleasure? I know sometimes life can be hard, sad, worrisome. But it should not be always or even the majority of time. Jesus said that he had come to give us life, and a life more abundant. Often we miss the pleasures of life because we are not looking for them. Too often we think of faith as following a list of do's and don'ts ...instead of enjoying the freedom that God gave us to live every day in His presence.

Are you curious? Do you wonder at things and explore? Have you traveled down any stray roads just for the heck of it? Have you tried any new things lately or are you stuck in a routine that never varies?

Recently my wife and I took up dancing. She had done a bunch of it before we met , in school years and college days. I grew up not dancing - both from a conservative upbringing where dancing wasn't favored ,and from feeling like I had two left feet. I have a good sense of rhythm -being a musician - but it never seemed to translate to my feet. I have enjoyed learning and having some success in learning the footwork. We are doing both a swing dance class and going to local dances. It is good to get out of my comfort zone once in a while, and the exercise is good as well:)

There is so much around us to enjoy. My garden is a constant source of joy , with new plants popping up in unexpected places, and established plants having new blooms - got to now go out and see what has come up. What will you see today?

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