Sunday, March 25, 2012

spring is here

The sun is out, the flowers are blooming, and I am reminded that it is important in our hectic, often troublesome world to "stop and smell the roses"...literally. Life has a way of getting us down, sapping our strength, tying us up in knots worrying about a lot of things we really have no control over, or painting life as only bleak existence. We need to use our five senses to relieve stress and help balance our lives.

So stop and smell those roses, or whatever is blooming right now. As a gardener I love my roses, lilac, honeysuckle, and butterfly bush. The smell on the breeze is sweet and relaxing. The scents of lavender. rosemary, and fennel when rubbed between my fingers is invigorating. And even freshly-mowed grass brings a smile to my face (specially since I now have an electric mower:))

The sight of purple and white crocuses, yellow daffodils, and green sprigs of fennel starts break up the gray of winter and signal that spring is here (or nearly so). The leaves of tulip and grape hyacinth leaves are teases to upcoming color bursts. And the purple winter heather blooms and red dogwood stems linger in transition. I love watching the seasons change in my garden.

The sounds of jaybird, robin, and several small birds as they visit my bird-feeding sites is audible sunshine. The woodpecker banging its beak on some neighborhood downspout or signpost is a creature wake-up call. And the unseen, but clearly heard beaver splashes and frog croaks are music to my ears.

The wind and the rain as I walk invigorate me. The sunshine breaks warm me. Sometimes, when it is warmer and drier, I like to just sit out on the front lawn and gaze around, silently taking in the experience of the plants nearby and letting the wider world just fade into the background for a while.

Later, when the strawberries, raspberries, and herbs, bloom, I will savor the taste of freshly picked produce. Maybe this year I will again try my hand at growing vegetables -nothing is as sweet as a freshly picked cherry tomato from a back yard planter). But for now I resolve to slow down and savor my food, try new tastes, and not just eat mindlessly.

I see people out walking who are oblivious to the world around them. They walk with radios/music players plugged into their ears. I am not judging, it may be that they need the music/talking to get them motivated to walk/run, and I am glad to see them exercising. But I just think of what they are missing. I want to hear the birds, feel the breeze, and ponder thoughts with only the company of my footsteps. I want to experience nature, not just travel through it.

My suggestion: take some time to experience beauty. Life is too short to major on what is wrong with the world. There is plenty of time to ponder that. I know, I rant on things, just like I plug into the radio (music mainly) when I start work for the day. But I also like to step away from the madness to experience beauty.

And you now have another avenue to experience beauty. My wife, has started a blog called Adorned in Beauty. I highly recommend it. She has been my "fashion consultant" since before we were married, and she has an impeccable sense of taste. She beautifies my life and I think you'll like the beautiful things she has found. She also created the banner for my blog, as well as doing a recent redesign of the layout. She is my sweetie, the top beauty in my world :)

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