Tuesday, February 5, 2013

guest post - the cake and the couple

Here is an example of two people who are doing their part to make our world better. A couple in Oregon wanted to get married and went to a shop to get their wedding cake made. The "Christian" owners refused because the couple was lesbian. In response to the coverage, a nationally known Baltimore cake maker Duff Goldman, known as the "Ace of Cakes" on the Food Network, decided he would offer to make them a cake for free and drive it out to Oregon for them. My hat is off to both Duff for doing the cake, and to my dear wife for the following email she sent to the owners gently but firmly calling them out on their un-Christian behavior. Rosa Parks and my mom (my previous post) would be proud.

Dear Aaron and Melissa,

You look like a lovely Christian couple and your cakes look absolutely scrumptious!

Therefore, I was extremely disappointed to learn that you refused to make a cake for a lesbian couple’s wedding. As a Christian myself, I think this is just the wrong way to go about things. In everything we do, Christians should be sharing and demonstrating the love of God by our words and behavior. How does it show God’s love to this couple to deny your services to bake them a cake for their special day? They are not asking you to officiate their wedding. They apparently have been previous customers so they liked your cakes and baked items enough to want *you* to make their cake, and not someone else. Denying them your services was like slapping them in the face.

Instead, the “Ace of Cakes”, Duff Goldman, has stepped up to the plate with an offer to do the cake for this couple at no cost. He is showing love, where you only showed rejection.

As Christians, we need to be bringing people *into* the circle of God’s love, not shutting them out. My husband and I have a gay nephew who resides in Gresham. When his time comes to marry, I seriously doubt he will be patronizing your shop. If nothing else, this is costing you business. But more than that, every time you turn a customer away because they are gay or lesbian, you are missing the opportunity to share a little bit of God’s love with them, and to help make their day special.

I would ask that you would seriously consider what Jesus would do in your situation. He embraced the tax collectors and other outcasts of society; I certainly believe that He would make wedding cakes for gay couples.

Debbie King

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