Saturday, May 11, 2013

beware of pointing fingers

Once again leave it up to Sister Sarah (Palin) and friends to point fingers and ignore the irony. Recently the IRS had to issue an apology because they had been giving extra scrutiny to any organization with "tea party"or "patriot" in their name on applications for tax exempt status during the 2012 election. I agree that the IRS should apologize, but at the same time I think it is a bit much for Palin and friends to try to make political hay out of it.

Why? Well, they are the same kind of people who absolutely no problem with warrant-less wiretapping of phones, traffic stops and workplace ICE raids based on suspicion of illegal alien status, and measures that forced people to "prove" that they were not up to something wrong (like voter ID laws). Their response when confronted was always "well, if you have nothing to hide you won't have a problem with it". Now they sing a different tune.

We're not talking about increased penalties, just examination. Perhaps they are afraid some IRS person will find out they are a fraud? I don't agree with what the IRS did, but I think in light of past statements certain political figures should refrain from protesting when it's their "goose" that's getting cooked.

As a wise person said, when you point your finger at someone remember that four other fingers are pointing back at you. ....Just my two cents for today.

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