Saturday, May 18, 2013

faulty memories

For those of you in the Pacific Northwest do you remember how  several years ago Mt St Helens rumbled to life again with ash plumes and lava dome buildup? It was a nervous time for many, but after a time it all quieted down. No repeat of the 1980 eruption whose anniversary we remember today. Anyone who would say the mountain's recent activity was like the 1980 event would be laughed at, since such a comparison would be ludicrous.

Well, it is also ludicrous to compare the current administrations scandals/misdeeds to Watergate as some have recently done. While I have issues with some things the  Obama administration has done or not done, particularly in the civil liberties arena, there is no comparison to Watergate and the actions of Nixon. It is personal for me, since I politically "came of age" in that era and remember well the events. Just as with 9-11 I remember where I was and what I was doing the day President Nixon resigned (the only time that has happened in American history) and remember the days of listening to Senate and House Committee hearings involving Watergate. That was much worse than anything today, by far.

The problem is that those who would make such comparisons today are the same ones who back in the 70's were whitewashing any wrong Nixon. So of course they would paint Obama as worse than Nixon. They have faulty memories of the past  because of their bias. Those of us who lived through eras such as Watergate must stay true to what we know and help others to learn the truth about the past.

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