Friday, May 3, 2013

organized for success

Many people have issues with unions and think poorly of the term "organized labor". They point to reported abuses of power (like Jimmy Hoffa, etc) or the influence of union money in politics. Or they are so "pro-business" that they think company management should be able to do whatever it wants and that people should just "be happy that they have a job". While there no organizations are perfect, why should that be a reason to oppose organization? I mean, businesses organize so why shouldn't workers?

The influence of organized labor has brought great and beneficial changes in the workplace. The 40 hr workweek (5 day week of 8 hr days), payment for overtime, paid sick leave, and workplace safety standards (OSHA) are just a few of the reasons we should be thankful to unions. And we need to remain vigilant because unions are under attack across the country - Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, all have governors strenuously opposed to workers organizing. I know from experience how not having a union can be detrimental to workers. Let's not forget to be thankful and continue to push for better workplaces through an organized workforce.

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